Guide for Authors

The research editions of the journal are published in March, June, September and December. The journal publishes (full research papers, notes, book reviews) and proceedings of seminars, symposium and conferences . 

We also consider papers on agricultural extension and recent reviews on agricultural subjects.

Full research papers and seminar, symposium, conference papers should have following sections :

Abstract, key words (maximum five), introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion (preferably combined together), references, tables, figure captions and figures. Length of the paper should be 8-10 pages. Tables and figures should be on a separate sheets of papers and not mixed with the text matters. 

All manuscripts**  should have title, names of authors and address (including e-mail address) on the first page above the abstract. There is no separate section for acknowledgment but the contents may be added in parenthesis just after introduction.

Give attention to the following:
  • Follow author-year system in citing references in the text.
  • List all references alphabetically under references at the end of the text.
  • Check spelling of all the authors’ name in the text and in the list of references.
  • Length of the paper should be 8-10 pages.
  • Tables and figures should be on separate sheets of papers, not mixed with the text matters.
  • Figure captions should be given below figures; Table captions should be given  at the top of the table.
  • Delete references older than 2007 as far as possible except books and reports. 
  • Add  recent references  to discuss the findings. 
  • Check website of this journal and other sources for recent references.
Example of List references as follows:

Hitesh K, Khosla G, Sharma PK (2010) Utilization of genetic variability, correlation and path analysis for seed yield improvement in bread what (Triticum aestivum L.)                genotypes. Environ Ecol 28 : 91-94.

NHB (2013) Indian Horticulture Data Base 2013. Min of Agric, Govt of India. Gurgorn, pp 6. 1. 

Purnawatil A, Rochdjatun I, Sastrahidayat, Abadi AL, Hadiastono T (2014) Endophytic bacteria as biocontrolagents of tomato bacterial wilt disease. J Trop Life Sci 4 : 33—    36.

*  Note: Only most relevant references may be cited. References older than 2007 should be avoided except books and reports
** Note: Keep a good copy of your manuscript in your file. Editorial office will take all possible care but it is not responsible for any loss or damage of manuscripts.
All manuscripts will be reviewed by two or more outside experts and seminar-symposium-conference papers will be reviewed by a team of experts. Besides,there may be editorial changes.

Covering letter of each manuscript should certify 
(1) that the enclosed manuscript has not been 
published or submitted for publication elsewhere and 
(2) that the copyright of manuscript is assigned to 
MKK Publication (Kolkata). 

Make remittances online to Indian Overseas Bank, Kalyani (code 2219) in favour of M/S MKK Publication.

Once remittances receive by us, it's being engaged in processing the respective paper, hence 
cannot be returned for any reason.

Manuscript must be typed double spaced all along with tables and figures on separate sheets of paper. Line diagrams should be drawn with computer; the original figures should not exceed 6 × 8 in. Figures should be given on separate sheets (not in running form with text). Photographs should be colored or black and white and contrast. All letters on them should be in printed forms.

E-mail papers should be typed in 6 inch × 9 inch area with 1 inch margin on both sides, and on top and bottom on A4 size. The line space must be 2, in 12 pt Times Roman. tables in 8 point.

To make online remittances in favour of M/S MKK Publication and to send manuscripts please see "Contact us". 

There is no initial submission fee.  After your paper is accepted, we shall inform you about the subscription of your paper publication. Once the remittances are received, it will be engaged in processing of the specific paper, hence cannot be returned.    

* Note: You can download the pdf copy of "Guide for Authors" from "Downloads" section.

** Note: You can also download "content lists" of the previous and current volumes from "Downloads" section.