The research editions of Environment and Ecology are published in March, June, September and December . It is a forum for RD labs, industries, manufacturers, pollution abatement agencies, sociologists, anthropologists, medical biologists, communication and media agencies, economists, agriculturists, pisciculturists, sericulturists, ecologists, environmentalists, pollution biologists, chemists, geologists, geographers, government departments, institutes, foresters, conservationists, geneticists, engineers, animal husbandry and veterinary scientists, entomologists, horticulturists, plant and animal breeders, universities, colleges and many others. Here is the biggest opportunity for exchange of ideas, for recommendation of ideas and blue-prints ,for the benefit of people and for transferring technologies from laboratories and pilot-project enclosures to people. Publish or perish, but do not hold the manuscript in your file if it is useful for people. Send it to us, we shall take it to people across the world.

All manuscripts and books received for publication are reviewed by two experts. Reprint of paper will be sent online. The hard-copy of the journal will be sent to corresponding author for a subscription.

The journal issues are sent to Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Bethesda, MD, USA; CAB international, Oxon, UK; Chemical Abstact Service, Columbus, USA; Univsersitaesbibliothek & Tech. Information-Bibliothek, Germany; Zoological Record,UK; National Library of Science & National Inquiry Services Centre, South Africa; National Library, Delhi, India for free indexing. The Full Text Database of the contents may be available from CAB International, Wallingford, Oxon, OX 10 8DE, UK.

The journal (ISSN 0970-0420) is enlisted in NAAS.

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