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Interdisciplinary International Science Journal

Volume 41 (2023)
Issue 4
Page No. 2320



Ashwini Ananda,

S. P. Kanaujia,

Aastik Jha,
Pankaj Shah,

N. Walling

Environment and Ecology 41 (4) : 2320—2330, October—December 2023
Article DOI:
ISSN 0970-0420

Genetic Variability, Correlation and Path Coefficient
Analysis of Ash Gourd (Benincasa hispida
(Thunb.) Cogn.) Genotypes

Ashwini Ananda, S. P. Kanaujia, Aastik Jha,
Pankaj Shah, N. Walling

Received 15 January 2023, Accepted 5 May 2023, Published on 12 October 2023



The present investigation was carried out during kharif season, 2018-2019 on 37 genotypes of ash gourd in Randomized Block Design to study the genetic variability, heritability, genetic advances, correlation and path coefficient. Results revealed high genotypic coefficient of variation (GCV) and phenotypic coefficient of variation (PCV) for seediness (44.197 and 44.09), fruit diameter (36.41 and 36.26), average fruits weight (32.308 and 32.27), number of lobes (21.73 and 21.63), peduncle length (25.72 and 25.651), petiole length (22.25 and 22.02), fruit length (25.82 and 25.68), seed width (24.84 and 24.62), number of fruit per plant (21.93 and 21.81), nodes at which first female flower appears (28.54 and 28.48), yield per plant (25.35 and 25.11) and yield per hectare (25.35 and 25.11), respectively. Whereas, high heritability (h2) coupled with genetic advance over mean (GAM) was registered highest in seediness (99.52% and 90.61%) followed by fruit diameter (99.23% and 74.41%), fruit length (98.87% and 52.60%), respectively. Fruit yield per plant showed highly significant positive phenotypic and genotypic correlation coefficients with avg fruit weight (0.708 and 0.709), vine length (0.359 and 0.368), fruit diameter (0.304 and 0.307), seed width (0.337 and 0.342), crop duration (0.370 and 0.356) and cotyledon length (0.295 and 0.305), respectively.  The highest positive direct effects on fruit yield was exerted by average fruit weight (1.034) followed by number of fruit/plant (0.738) and vine length (0.062) whereas number of lobes (-0.087) shown highest negative direct effect followed by ovary length (-0.062) and cotyledon width (-0.059).

Keywords   Ash gourd, Genetic variability, Heritability, Correlation, Path analysis.

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