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Interdisciplinary International Science Journal

Volume 41 (2023)
Issue 4D
Page No.  3104



L. Murali Krishnan, R. John Christy, S. Vigil Anbiah,
V. Imayavaramban

Environment and Ecology 41 (4D) : 3104—3110, October—December 2023
Article DOI:
ISSN 0970-0420

Analysis of Host Specific Risk Factors Associated
with Occurrence of Bovine Clinical 
Mastitis in Tamil Nadu 

L. Murali Krishnan, R. John Christy, S. Vigil Anbiah,
V. Imayavaramban

Received 16 July 2023, Accepted 3 November 2023, Published on 29 December 2023



Globally, bovine mastitis is the most prevalent inflammatory disease of mammary gland that causes economic loss to the dairy industry. It is vital to study the risk factors associated with mastitis in order to design suitable prevention and control strategies. With this objective a survey was conducted among dairy farmers (n=300) in Tamil Nadu to identify the host specific risk factors associated with clinical mastitis. Species (OR=1.88, CI 95%= 1.15- 3.08, p=0.01), breed (OR=0.22, CI 95%= 0.12- 0.41, p<0.001), parity of cow (OR=0.69, CI 95%= 0.51- 0.93, p=0.02), lactation stage (OR=0.55, CI 95%= 0.40- 0.74, p<0.001) and milk yield (OR=2.77, CI 95%= 1.95- 3.93, p<0.001) were identified as significant risk factor for clinical mastitis in lactating dairy cows in the study area. Understanding these factors assists dairy farmers in mitigating clinical mastitis in their herds.

Keywords    Mastitis, risk factors, crossbreds, parity, stage of lactation, milk yield. 

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