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Interdisciplinary International Science Journal

Volume 41 (2023)
Issue 3C
Page No. 1875



Pallaval Veera Bramhachari,

G. Kranthi Kumar, 
D. Shilpa,

Ekamber Kariali


Environment and Ecology 41 (3C) : 1875—1882, July—September 2023
Article DOI:
ISSN 0970-0420

Genetic characterization and diversity analysis 
of heavy metal-resistant rhizobacterial strains
isolated from the root nodules of Vigna trilobata 
determined by the R.A.P.D. technique

Pallaval Veera Bramhachari, G. Kranthi Kumar, 
D. Shilpa, Ekamber Kariali

Received 4 April 2023, Accepted 14 June 2023, Published on 4 September 2023



The present study characterizes twenty-one rhizobacterial strains isolated from root nodules of Vigna trilobata cultivars collected from various Andhra Pradesh, India districts. Rhizobacteria was isolated using selective medium Yeast Extract Mannitol Agar medium (Y.E.M.A.). All 21 strains were characterized based on colony morphology and biochemical characterization and identified up to species level by 16S rDNA sequencing analysis. Different genera of the bacteria are present in the root nodules of Vigna trilobata. Short random sequence primers amplify genomic D.N.A. in a process called random amplified polymorphic D.N.A. (R.A.P.D.), which were employed to assess genetic variation across isolated bacterial strains. Banding patterns were obtained via R.A.P.D. analysis of genomic D.N.A. from the isolates using five random primers, including OPA-4, OPA-9, OPA-11, OPA-12, and OPA-15. The R.A.P.D. profiles of twenty-one rhizobacterial isolates were compared separately to determine their differences by the occurrence of polymorphic D.N.A. fragments. PCR amplified of the D.N.A. isolated from twenty-one bacterial isolates yielded seventy amplified products, of which sixty-eight were polymorphic, and two were monomorphic. The investigation found that R.A.P.D. could differentiate between the strains very precisely. Characterizing and creating novel Rhizobium species can be aided by using molecular markers to investigate genetic diversity.

Keywords   Genetic diversity, rhizobia, Yeast Extract Mannitol Agar, Polymorphic D.N.A. fragments, R.A.P.D. 

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