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Interdisciplinary International Science Journal

Volume 41 (2023)
Issue 4
Page No. 2292



K. Jagadeeshwar Reddy,

Umesha C.

Environment and Ecology 41 (4) : 2292—2296, October—December 2023
Article DOI:
ISSN 0970-0420

Effect of Organic Nutrients and Neem Cake
on Growth and Yield of Wheat
(Triticum aestivum L.)

K. Jagadeeshwar Reddy, Umesha C.

Received 18 May 2023, Accepted 9 July 2023, Published on 12 October 2023



At the Department of Agronomy, SHUATS, Prayagraj (UP), Crop Research Farm, a field experiment was carried out in rabi 2022.The soil in the experimental plot had a sandy loam texture, a pH of 7.1 that was almost neutral, a low level of organic carbon (0.36), and poor availability of the nutrients n, p, and k (171.48 kg/ha, 15.2 kg/ha, and 232.5 kg/ha, respectively). Nine treatments were included in the study, each of which was reproduced three times over the course of a one-year investigation.The treatments which are T1: FYM – 10t/ha + Neem Cake -300kg/ha, T2: FYM – 10t/ha + Neem Cake -400kg/ha, T3: FYM – 10t/ha + Neem Cake -500kg/ha, T4: Vermicompost -1t/ha + Neem Cake -300kg/ha, T5: Vermicompost -1t/ha + Neem Cake -400kg/ha, T6: Vermicompost -1t/ha + Neem Cake -500kg/ha, T7: Poultry manure -0.5t/ha + Neem Cake -300kg/ha, T8: Poultry manure -0.5t/ha + Neem Cake -400kg/ha, T9: Poultry manure -0.5t/ha + Neem Cake -500kg/ha and T10: Control (150:60:40 NPK kg/ha) used. The findings revealed : Plant height (101.32 cm ) was considerably greater when poultry manure (4 t/ha) and neem cake (500 kg/ha) were combined. No. of tillers/hill (13.45), Plant dry weight (29.24 g/plant), maximum effective tillers (11.86), Grains/spike (54.17), Test weight (43.41 g), Grain yield (55.78 q/ha) and Straw yield (116.41 q/ha).

Keywords    Neem cake, FYM, Vermicompost, Poultry manure, Wheat.

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