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Interdisciplinary International Science Journal

Volume 41 (2023)
Issue 3
Page No. 1328



H.V.S. Shekhawat*, V.K. Meena, J.K. Sharma 

ARSS-Sumerpur, Agriculture University, Jodhpur 306126, Rajasthan, India

N. Joshi

COA-Nagaur, Agriculture University, Jodhpur, India

Environment and Ecology 41(3): 1328—1332, July—September 2023
Article DOI: 
ISSN 0970-0420

Correlation Studies and Diversity Analysis in Chickpea 
(Cicer arietinum L.) Cultivars for Seed Yield and 
Associated Traits


H.V.S. Shekhawat, V.K. Meena, J.K. Sharma, N. Joshi

Received 23 January 2023, Accepted 24 May 2023, Published on 24 July 2023



The present investigation was carried out at Agriculture Research Sub-station, Sumerpur. In the study six popular cultivars of chickpea were under consideration. The correlation study elucidated that seed yield has positive and highly significant correlation with number of primary branches per plant (0.96) and number of pods per plant (0.97) while none of the characters showed negative correlation with seed yield. Similarly, days to 50 % flowering showed positive and significant correlation with days to maturity (0.86) and plant height (0.82). The diversity among the varieties were studied using K-means and ward’s method. Through both the methods it was observed that CSJ-515, GNG-2144 and GNG-1958 were clustered into one cluster (cluster I), RSG-974 and RSG-959 were clustered into another cluster (cluster-III) and GNG-2171 remained alone (cluster-II). This showed that both the clustering methods are in agreement with each other. In terms of yield cultivar CSJ-515 reported highest mean seed yield per plot (2.65) followed by GNG-2144 (2.41).

Keywords   Correlation, Diversity, Seed yield, Cultivars, Clusters

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