Volume 39(1)2021 – Content List and Full Papers

Content List – Volume 39(1)2021.

Feeding Ecology of Sloth Bear (Melursus ursinus) in Nawada Forest Division (Bihar) by Scats Analysis. G. Kumar, D. K. Paul.
Present Status, Potentials and Future Prospects of Fisheries Development in Bihar. G. B. Chand, Suday Prasad.
Diversity of Phytoplankton, Set up of Industrial Creeks Water Found Around Surat City, Gujarat and its Economic Importance. Alpa Varsani, Kapila Manoj.
Assessment of Status and Practices of Solid Waste Management in Chamba Town, Himachal Pradesh, India. Vishal Bajala, Renu Lata, R. K. Singh, K. S. Kanwal, Sarla Shashni, Kishor Kumar, Samriti Thakur.
Floral Species Diversity of Colonel Sher Jung National Park, Himachal Pradesh. S. Balaji Naik, Dr. Vimal Chauhan, Sourav Ranjan Mohapatra, Kapoor.
Studies on Identification, Prevalence and Intensity of Infestation of Trichodinid Ciliophorans (Protozoa: Ciliophora) in the Freshwater Edible Fishes of Purulia District, West Bengal. Biplob Kr. Modak, Prabir Banerjee, Saugata Basu.
Evaluation of Physical Characteristics and Matric Potential of Soil Less Media. Arunadevi K.
Factors Affecting Sweet Potato Production in Umsmu, Nongthymmai Kyrdem and Umdamli Villages of RiBhoi District, Meghalaya. Maitreyee Roy.
Earthworm Abundance and Habitat Characteristics – A Quasi-Poisson Model. Ksh. Anand Singh, M. Arun Singh.
Influence of Ambient Environmental Conditions on Physical Properties of Stored Kinnow Fruit. Vijay K. Singh, Yadvika, Rajender Kumar, Y. K. Yadav, Sunil Kumar, Nitin Kumar, Arun K. Attkan, Raveena Kargwal, Sushant Bhardwaj, Sachin, Ravi Kumar.
Analysis of Historical Drought Using Standardized Precipitation Index and Reconnaissance Drought Index (RDI) in Tharparkar, Sindh. Nimra Arain, Syed Feroz Shah, Latief Ahmed, Aisha Akber.
Environment Conservation in Climate Change Agreements : An Analysis. Anju Lis Kurian.
Performance Evaluation of Crop Evapotranspiration of Bhendi (Abelmoschus esculentus) by Using FAO Method and SVAT Model. S. Vinitha, A. Mani, R. Lalitha, S. Vallalkannan.
A brief Report on Seasonal Avifaunal Diversities in Purbasthali (Chupir Char) and Their Ecological Interpretation. Kausiki Chakrabarti.
Effect of Graded Levels and Split Application of Nitrogen on Plant Nutrient Uptake, Post-Harvest Soil Available Nutrients and Economics of Hybrid Maize (Co MH-6). S. V. Varshini, R. Babu.
Plastic Waste Management in Asia Pacific Region : Issues and Challenges. Annes Elsa Francis, Sunil Herat.
Major Ion Chemistry and Water Quality Index for Surface Water Quality Characterization in Parts of Kinnaur District, Himachal Pradesh, India. Renu Lata, Madhuri S. Rishi, Konchok Dolma, Rajkumar Herojeet, Lakhvinder Kaur.
Effect of Surface Soil Removal and Organic Amendment on Aggregate Stability and Erosion Indices of Soil Cultivating Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.). Aibapynsuk Khongwar, Manoj Dutta.
Effect of Hot Water Treatment and Storage Temperature on Biochemical Properties of Pineapple cv Mauritius. Elso Remya Rajan, Mini C.
Tree Species Diversity and Carbon Stock of Tropical Moist Deciduous Forest in Nagaland, NortheastIndia. Wapongnungsang, Keshav Kumar Upadhyay, S. K. Tripathi.

Volume 39(1A)2021 – Content List and Full Papers

Content List – Volume 39(1A)2021.

Biochemical and Physiological Changes During Storage of Banana cv Nendran as Influenced by Postharvest Treatments. Aparna Nath S.S., Geetha Lekshmi P. R.
Studies on Soil Conditions under the Stand of Palmyra Palm (Borassus flabellifer)–A Climate Resilient Multipurpose Tree Species in Odisha. Tapas Kumar Behera, Nirakar Bhol, A. Jari Kumar Tongchangya.
A Relative Study of Endophytic Fungi from a Lianas Plant- Bauhinia vahlii During Summer and Mon-soon Collected from Few Sites of West Bengal. Biplab Bagchi.
Toxicity Evaluation of Cupric Sulfate on Rearing Performance of CSR2X4 Silkworm. Somashekar D. S., Shashikanth H. Majagi.
Effect of Different EC (dS m-1) Levels on Yield of Tomato. G. Sridevi.
Assessment of Soil Physico-Chemical Properties and Heavy Metals Bioaccumulation on Plants at a Coal Mining Affected Forest of Changki, Nagaland. Khikeya Semy, Maibam Romeo Singh.
Flowering and Fruiting Behavior of Selected Mango Varieties in West Garo Hills of Meghalaya. Abhishisha Mawkhiew, Lolly S. Pereira.
Effectiveness of Organic Fertilizer for Sustainable Environment: A Review. Madhabendu Bera, Satarupa Ghosh.
Causes and Consequences of Ecological Imbalances in India: A Review. Jinu Joseph.
Indigenous Knowledge and Practices on Conservation of Natural Resources by Tribal Communities of Koraput District, Odisha, India. Mahendra K. Satapathy, Sidhanta S. Bisoi.
Morphoanatomy of the Olfactory Components of Anabas testudineus (Bloch 1792). Madhabi Aich, Subrata Kumar De.
Voluntary Sustainable Standard Certification Programs for Coffee – Global and Indian Perspective. Pradeepa Babu B. N., D. R. Babu Reddy.
Soil Fertility Assessment of Some Villages in Kankadahad Block of Odisha. Rojalin Priyadarshini Singh, Antaryami Mishra, Praya Kiran Dash, Subhashis Saren, Hrusikesh Mallik, Bibhuti Bhusan Mishra.
Assessments of Heavy Metals and Contamination Indices in Surface Sediments of Selected South Gujarat Estuaries at the West Cosat of India. Nisheeth C. Desai, Nipul B. Kukadiya, Jignasu P. Mehta, Dinesh R. Godhani, Jayendra Lakhmapurkar, Bharti P. Dave.
A Study of Arsenic Effecton Blood and Tissue Glucose Concentrations in A Fish Model. Mithilesh Kumar.
Assessment of Tree Diversity of Forests in Hadagarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Odisha, India. Ashis Kumar Dash, Veerendra Pratap Upadhyay, Hemant Kumar Patra.
Standardization of Spacing and NPK Levels for Growth, Yield and Quality of Gaillardia (Gaillardia pulchella Foug.) under Eastern Dry Zone Condition. M. S. Divyashree, P. M. Munikrishnappa, G. K. Seetharamu, S. Anil Kumar, G. K. Ramegowda, G. Basavaraj.
Effect of Spacing and NPK Levels on Yield, Cost Economics, Nutrient Uptake and Soil Nutrient Status in Gaillardia (Gaillardia pulchella Foug.). M. S. Divyashree, P. M. Munikrishnappa, G. K. Seetha Ramu, S. Anil Kumar, G. K. Ramegowda, G. Basavaraj.
Assessment of Water Quality of Some Selected Ponds of Burdwan, West Bengal, India by Abundance of Larval Chironomids (Diptera: Chironomidae). Sanghamitra Konar.

Volume 39(2)2021 – Content List and Full Papers

Content List – Volume 39(2)2021.

An Overview of Periphytic Organisms; Species Composition, Substrate Specificity and Seasonal Preference Along Different Stretches of River Periyar, Kerala, India. Blessy John, R. Sunil Kumar.
Genetic Variability Analysis of Duck-PRL Exon 5 in Kuttanad Ducks of Environmentally Challenged Breeding Tracts. Bindya Liz Abraham, Priya Melepat.
Analysis of Land-use and Land-Cover Change Detection Using Geospatial Technology of Biswanath District of Assam, India. Durlov Lahon, Binod Kumar Nath, Debashree Borah.
Comparison of Surface Albedo and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index for Different Land Use/Cover. J. Ramachandran, R. Lalitha, S. Vallal Kannan, K. Sivasubramanian.
Influence of Soil and Foliar Application of Ferrous Sulfate on Iron Content, Yield, Economics of Safflower and Available Iron Status in Vertisol. N. Bindu, S.S. Gundlur.
Standardization of Spacing and NPK Levels for Growth, Yield and Quality of Gaillardia (Gaillardia pulchella Foug.) under Eastern Dry Zone Condition. M. S. Divyashree, P. M. Munikrishnappa, G. K.Seetharamu, S. Anil Kumar, G. K. Ramegowda, G. Basavaraj.
Effect of Zinc and Zn-Enriched Compost on Growth, Yield and Nutrient Content in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) in an Inceptisol of Varanasi. Yuvraj Chaubey, R. Meena, R. N. Meena, Y. V. Singh, Ajay Babu,K. Meena.
Effect of Spacing and NPK Levels on Yield, Cost Economics, Nutrient Uptake and Soil Nutrients Status in Gaillardia (Gaillardia pulchella Foug.). M. S. Divyashree, P. M. Munikrishnappa, G. K. Seetharama, S. Anil Kumar, G. K. Ramegowda, G. Basavaraj.
Dissemination of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPHC) in Estuarine Water and Sediment. Ranjana Bengani, Gadhia Mohini.
Biochemical Composition, Nutritional Values and Medicinal Properties of Some Edible Mushrooms: A Review. Robin Rijal, Meenakshi Rana, Seweta Srivastava.
Effect of Neonicotinoid Insecticides Imidacloprid and Acetamiprid on Catalase Activity in Earthworm Eisenia fetida. Parveen Gill, Dommapati Sudhakara Rao, R. K. Gupta, Tejpal Dahiya, Deepika Lather, Naresh Kumar.
Classification of Various Genotypes of Chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflora Tzvelev). Sonia Singh, A. K. Godara.
To Study the Influence of Microwave Oven Treated Water on Germination and Growth of Trigonella foenum-graecum. Madhumita Bhattacharjee.
Prevalence of a Protozoan Parasite Tetrahymena rostrata from Edible Oysters (Mollusca : Bivalvia) of Estuarine Environment of Sundarbans, West Bengal, India. Tanima Biswas.
Phytochemical Screening of Leuc asaspera. Trishna Barman, Smriti Barman.
Certain Aspects of Reproductive Biology of Mystus dibrugarensis From Dihing River, Assam. Bhenila B., S. P. Biswas.
Pre and Post-Fire Vegetational Study in a Chir-Pine Forest of Garhwal Himalaya. Ruchika Sharma, B. S. Bhandari, Arti.
Assessment of Acute Toxicity and Behavioral Responses in Catla catla Following Exposure to Pyrethroid Pesticide Cypermethrin. Ritu Sharma, Rajinder Jindal.
Study of Bird Diversity of Three Villages of AmerTehsil – District Jaipur, Rajasthan. Lina Sarkar.
Effect of Pretreatments and Drying Methods on Ascorbic Acid, Chlorophyll Content and β-Carotene Content of Drumstick (Moringa oleifera Lam.) Leaves and Shoot. Aditya Hegde, D. V. Swami, M. Rajasekhar, D. R. Salomi Suneetha.
Biology of Fall Armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J. E. Smith) (Lepidoptera : Noctuidae) on Sugarcane. P. Kranthi, R. Sunitha Devi, P. Rajanikanth.
Variability of Fine and Inhalable Particles in Controlled and Unbridled Anthropogenic Activities: From a Perspective of Lockdown Containment Measures in Visakhapatnam City. Kavitha Chandu, Dharma Raju Akasapu, Srireesha Jaladi, Madhavaprasad Dasari.
Traditional Methods of Preparation of Choko : A Fermented Rice Beer by the Rabha Tribe of Goalpara District, Assam. Utpala Das, David Rabha, Jugabrat Das.
Carcass Characteristics of Indigenous, Vanaraja and Crossbred chicken under Different Systems of Rearing. I. U. Sheikh, N. Kalita, J. D. Mahanta, R. Islam.
Effect of Litter Decomposition on Soil Chemical Properties During Shifting Cultivation in Northeast India. Shrayosee Ghosh, Shri Kant Tripathi.
Study of Micronutrients and Macronutrients in Soils of Coastal and Gir Forest Region of Saurashtra, Gujarat. Vivek B. Pattani, Jinesh P. Kaneriya, Krishna Jushi.
Effects of Pre-Storage Treatments on Shelf Life and Biochemical Quality Parameters of Minimally Processed Jackfruti (Artocarpus heterophyllus L.) Bulbs. Gayathri G. S., Mini C., Anith K. N.
Blooming Avifaunal Diversity in a Jheel Near Kolkata. Sobhana Palit (Paul).
Habitat Preference and Distribution of Herpetofauna in the City of Rajkot and Vicinities, Gujarat. Hiteshkumar Parmar, Yogesh Khandla, Varsha M. Trivedi.

Volume 39(3)2021 – Content List and Full Papers

Content List – Volume 39(3)2021.

Geomorphological Characterization of Solis under Toposequence Located in North-Eastern Ghat Agro-Climatic Zone of Odisha, India. Tupaki Lokya, Antaryami Mishra, Subhashis Saren.
Productivity of Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) as Influenced by Weed Management Practices. B. L. Jat, R. L. Meena, Akshay Chittora, Sunita Kumari.
Development of Forecast Model using Principal Component Regression Approach. Sunil Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Ashok Dhillon, Hemant Poonia.
Indian Mustard and Boston Fern Exhibites Growth Tolerance to Increased Dose of Soil Spiked Mercury. R. Suganthi, S. Avudainayagam, V. Davamani, K. Sara Parwin Banu, C. N. Chandrasekar, U. Sivakumar.
Ultrasound Assisted Aqueous Enzymatic Extraction of Rice Bran Oil. E. Mounika, D. D. Smith, L. Edukondalu, D. Sandeep Raja.
Genetic Variability, Correlation Coefficient and Path Analysis for Yield and its Attributing Characters in Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Genotypes. Patel D. G., Chandaragi M. K., Hingu J. N., Patel J. A.
Preparation of Khoa by Traditional and Mechanical Methods. B. Brahmini, E. Mounika, Rachit Saxena, Ch. Someswara Rao, B. Manjula.
Carcass Characteristics of Indigenous, Vanaraja and Crossbred Chicken under Different Systems of Rearing. I. U. Sheikh, N. Kalita, J. D. Mahanta, R. Islam.
Determination of Acute Toxicity (LC50) Values of Cypermethrin (25% EC) on Sharp Tooth African Catfish Clarias gariepinus. A. V. Dorlikar, A. S. Mohite, M. R.Thengare.
Studies of Genetic Variability and Correlation Coefficient in Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas). Anuj Kumar Choudhary, Shanti Bhushan, Sanjay Kumar.
A Comparative Study on Various Socio-Personal Attributes of Selected Santhal and Sabour Tribes of Dakshin Dinajpur District in West Bengal, India. Swapna Biswas, Sukanta Biswas.
Stability Analysis for Yield and Related Attributes in Brassica juncea under Divergent Environmental Conditions. H. V. S. Shekhawat, S. S. Shekhawat, U. S. Shekhawat.
Effect of Organic, Inorganic Sources of Nutrients and Integrated Nutrient Management on Yield and Economic of Blackgram (Vigna mungo L.). Uma Shankar Bagri, S. M. Kurmvanshi, Vikash Singh, Pankaj Kumar Bagri.
Quadratic Trend Model for Forecasting of Rice in Western Uttar Pradesh. Amar Singh, Bhim Singh.
Effect of Different Seed Rate and Spacing on Growth, Yield and Quality of Ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) Cultivation. G. Chandrashekhar, J. K. Hore.
Efficacy of Essential Oils Against ThrInfluence of Integrated Nutrient Management on Yield, Economics and Nutrient Uptake of Barley Based Cropping System. Vinod Kumar, M. K. Jat.ee Stored Product Coleoptera in Wheat Stored in Super Bags. Ranjeet Kumar, P. S. Pandey, R. K. Sohane.
Avian Species Distribution in Forest and Rural Habitat of Chamoli District of Uttarakhand, India. Kamal Joshi, Deepak Kumar, Ashish Kumar Arya.
Studies on Genetic Parameters in Breeding Lines of Aerobic Rice. Ramya Rathod, B. Soundharya, Firdoz Shahana, D. Vijaya Lakshmi, P. Jalender Naik, Y. Swathi, N. Swapna, L.V. Subba Rao, M. Venkataiah.
Nitrogen and Spacing Interaction in Wheat. Godavarthi Srilekha, B. S. Brar.
Mathematical Modelling and Freeze Drying Characteristics of Button Mushroom Slices. B. Brahmini, L. Edukondalu, Venkata S. P. Bitra, G. Veeraprasad.
Influence of Integrated Nutrient Management on Yield, Economics and Nutrient Uptake of Barley Based Cropping System. Vinod Kumar, M. K. Jat..
Assessment of Genetic Variability Parameters in Cowpea (Vigna ungiculata (L.). Walp) in F2 Generation. Lokesh GY, Niranjanamurthy.
Effect of Phosphorus and Growth Regulators on Gobhi Sarson (Brassica napus).Kandrekula Vasu Gangadhar, B. S. Brar.
Effect of Different Sources and Levels of Sulfur on Barley. Dhani Reddy Suma Sree, B. S. Brar.
Comparative Effect of Different Organic Fertilizers with Chemically Synthesised Urea on Various Growth Parameters of Solanum melongena in Favorable Environmental Condition. Parveen Gill, Dharambir Singh, Sudhakar Rao, R. K. Gupta, Naresh Kumar.
Effect of Litter Decomposition on Soil Chemical Properties During Shifting Cultivation in Northeast India. Shrayosee Ghosh, Shri Kant Tripathi.
Correlations among Flowering, Pollen Viability and Malformed Panicle in Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Cultivars. Ankit Singh, Manish Srivastav, S. K.Verma, Y. C. Patel.
The Effect of Live Yeast, (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) Supplementation on Some Blood Biochemical Indicators of Barbari and Sirohi Goats. V. N. Gautam, Shraddha Shrivastava, G. P. Lakhani, Aakash Dandotiya.
Selected Hydrological Parameters and Water Quality Index Analysis of Ambica River, Gujarat (India). Kinjal Sangani, N. C. Ujjania, Ranjana Bengani, Shriya Patel.