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Interdisciplinary International Science Journal

Volume 41 (2023)
Issue 3D
Page No. 2145



Bichhinna Maitri Rout,

A.K. Bhatia,

Lila Bora,

Shohaib Sheikh
Ayub Chauhan, Love Sapra,

Tejinder Singh

Environment and Ecology 41 (3D): 2145—2154, July—September 2023
Article DOI:
ISSN 0970-0420

Optimization of an Efficient Micropropagation Protocol
and the Assessment of Genetic Fidelity of Solanum
tuberosum L. cv Kufri Neelkanth

Bichhinna Maitri Rout, A.K. Bhatia, Lila Bora, Shohaib Sheikh
Ayub Chauhan, Love Sapra, Tejinder Singh

Received  8 April 2023, Accepted 14 July 2023, Published on 20 September 2023



The aim of our experiment was to determine the optimal types and concentrations of plant growth regulators used during different stages of micropropagation and assess the genetic fidelity of tissue culture raised plants of a purple colored cv Kufri Neelkanth by using reliable markers. According to the shoot bud initiation data, it was found that utilizing a combination of 0.25 mg l-1 BAP and 0.5 mg l-1 Kinetin resulted in the greatest number of shoots per explant (3.5±0.12) within a timeframe of (3.3±0.08) days. The maximum number of in vitro shoots per shootlet (10.4±0.59) were recorded when auxins were used in combination with NAA (0.01 mg l-1 NAA) and Kinetin (0.25 mg l-1) for shoot proliferation.  In vitro root initiation was observed in (2.1±0.07) days on MS medium fortified with 2.5 mg l-1 NAA. The maximum number of in vitro roots per shoots (13.0±0.55) were observed when MS media fortified with 2.5 mg l-1 IBA. Maximum 100% rooting was observed in all MS media supplemented with different concentrations of auxins. In vitro raised plants were assessed for genetic fidelity by using twenty RAPD primers (genetic markers). Out of twenty primers used only four primers produced amplification. DNA banding patterns of all tissue culture raised plants and mother plants were monomorphic showing true to type planting material. This protocol for tissue culture propagation along with testing its genetic fidelity could be useful for better conservation of germplasm and genetic transformation studies in potato.

Keywords   Shoot proliferation, Micropropagation, Solanum tuberosum L., Genetic markers.

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