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Interdisciplinary International Science Journal

Volume 41 (2023)
Issue 3C
Page No. 1953



Anish Choudhury, Sanjoy Kumar Bordolui,  

Jui Ray

Environment and Ecology 41 (3C): 1953—1959, July—September 2023
Article DOI:
ISSN 0970-0420

Optimizing Priming Concentration and Duration of 
PEG 6000 for Improving Seed Germination and 
Vigour in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Anish Choudhury, Sanjoy Kumar Bordolui,  Jui Ray

Received 15 March 2023, Accepted 21 June 2023, Published on 4 September 2023



This study was undertaken with different concentration and duration of PEG-6000 to observe the effect of germination and seedling vigour in chickpea seeds. The experiment was conducted in seed testing laboratory, Department of Seed Science and Technology, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Mohanpur, Nadia, West Bengal, India during 2020-2021 following Complete Randomized Block Design with three replications in order to standardize the appropriate concentration and duration while soaking the seeds within  PEG-6000 solution for screening a range of duration concentrations viz, 10 g liter-1 for 6 hrs, 10 g liter-1 for 8 hrs, 10 g liter-1 for 10 hrs, 15 g liter-1 for 6 hrs , 15 g liter-1 for 8 hrs, 15 g liter-1 for 10 hrs, 20 g liter-1 for 6 hrs, 20 g liter-1 for 8 hrs, 20 g liter-1 for 10 hrs, 25 g liter-1 for 6 hrs, 25 g liter-1  for 8 hrs, 25 g liter-1 for 10 hrs. Untreated dry seeds were considered as control. It was found that all the priming treatments showed significance difference in overall including the control. The best performer or the better result was shown by T8 which is 20 gm/ liter solution with the soaking duration of 8 hrs. It was highest performer in germination percentage (93.77), root length (6.57 cm), shoot length (16.57 cm), seedling fresh weight (1.66 g), seedling dry weight (0.14 g), seedling vigour index I (2137.07), time to 50% germination (2.33 days) and germination index (77.82). This study showed that seed priming with osmotic solution could improve some seedling parameters in chickpea. In seed priming, its simplicity such as no requirements for extensive equipment and chemicals could be used method for overcoming problems related to a poor germination and further seedling establishment and helps in sustaining agriculture with a cost effective approach and with the help of seed priming treatments which are non-toxic and from eco-friendly sources.

Keywords   Chickpea, Germination, PEG 6000, Osmo priming, Vigour. 

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