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Interdisciplinary International Science Journal

Volume 41 (2023)
Issue 3B
Page No. 1799



Amit Kour, Dharambir Singh, Kiran,

Sushil Ahlawat,
Satendra Kumar, Nikita Punia,


Environment and Ecology 41 (3B): 1799—1809, July—September 2023
Article DOI:
ISSN 0970-0420

Documentation of Avian Species Composition
and Assemblage in Agricultural Landscapes
of Sirsa, Haryana

Amit Kour, Dharambir Singh, Kiran, Sushil Ahlawat,
Satendra Kumar, Nikita Punia, Sunita

Received 21 January 2023, Accepted 21 June 2023, Published on 21 August 2023



Avian communities maintain ecological balance by eliminating pests, providing ecosystem services, and acting as biological indicators, thereby playing a pivotal role in conserving agricultural landscapes’ integrity and stability; thus from an environmental monitoring standpoint, assessment of bird aggregations in various landscapes is necessary. A two-year bird survey was conducted from May 2020 and 2021 to October 2020 to 2021 to document the checklist, density, and diversity of bird species assemblage of agricultural landscapes in the Sirsa district of Haryana, India, to obtain the richness of birds in two different agricultural habitats. A total of 87 bird species from 39 families and 16 orders were recorded; four bird species (Alexandrine Parakeet, Asian Woollyneck, Black-Headed Ibis, and Painted Stork) are listed as Near Threatened in the ‘IUCN’ (2010) category. Surprisingly, 13 species with global declining population trends are rare in the study area. The Passeriformes order, with 44 species, is the most diverse in the study area. In all habitats, analysis of food and feeding guilds, as well as perching activity, revealed that the insectivorous guild (32) is dominant, followed by Omnivore (29), Carnivore (13), Granivore (7), Frugivore (5), and Nectarivore (2). The findings from this study suggest that biodiversity-friendly agricultural practices should be implemented to improve bird habitat quality in agricultural landscapes.

Keywords    Aves, Agriculture landscape, Kharif crops, Biodiversity-friendly agriculture.

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